tadelakt stenene
Tigers eye

Det vidunderlige tadelakt stenene

A good Tadelakt polishing stone is harder than the grains of marble and sand that are in the plaster. Basalt or granite river stones, with one side ground flat and polished, work very nicely. The harder the stone is, the better its quality for polishing Tadelakt. Higher quality, smaller stones are semi-precious gems such as Agate and Tiger-Eye.

This massaging process is best done by trained and experienced artisans, as timing is critical to insure that the Tadelakt finish looks its best and does not fail.


tadelakt stenene

Picture of Carlo Roselli

Carlo Roselli


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Tadelakt podium, Made the sculptures for galleri klejn

Galleri Klejn

Galleri Klejn. Series of pedestals made with the ancient Roman Tadelakt cocciopesto technique. The Pedestals are builded and made with  naturals materials, using  sand, lime,

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